Choose your topic. The topic of your college essay should be close to you or in line with your interests. Why would you write for something you are not interested about? You could also write about your personal experiences which you found amusing or something that made you learn an important lesson in life.

Make an outline. It is always good to have an outline or ‘blueprint’ of your college essay. This would help you determine the thoughts and facts that should belong in certain parts of your essay, this would also help in unifying the ideas you have researched and have in mind. You could either use short sentences or bullet points of ideas to make it more concise and straight to the point.

Begin with a bang. To make a college more effective, your introduction should grab the readers’ attention. You could use famous anecdotes, inspirational words, catchy questions, as well as words from great thinkers which would entice people to read the rest of the essay. And of course, this should have some relevance to your main topic.

Narrative information